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Faith and Doubt

Doubt is the intimate partner to faith.  You cannot have a deep thinking faith without having wrestled with doubt.  Doubt inspires investigation and examination, and the faith that has never been closely examined, questioned, and investigated is not a faith based on reality.  God does not fear our doubts or our questions.  He wants His people to be thinkers.  He wants us to care enough about Him to look closely at who He is and what He claims.  Anything less than that is blind faith.  Despite what many may tell you, God does not expect blind faith from us.  He makes Himself known to us through His Word and He expects us to be knowledgeable about what He says and what we are to believe.  Don’t be an unthinking Christian.  It is time we began using the questioning mind that God created us with.  He made us curious beings because He wanted us to search Him out.  Believe me, a close examination of your faith will not result in disappointment.  It will strengthen and solidify your faith for you will find that God’s Word can stand up to the most minute scrutiny.


Corrie Ten Boom

Faith is like radar that sees through the fog.  ~Corrie Ten Boom

Cling to God

If you must, wrestle with God until you reach the point of clinging.  Wrestle with Him until you’ve worn out every human effort and argument, and all you have left is to cling to the God that loves you.  This is submission.

~Bobbi LaMont