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To God be the Glory

What excuse are we waiting for to be better people, better Christians?


Amazing Grace skit – David Jeremiah – Turning Point

Are there palatable sins? Is one sin more acceptable to God than another? Watch and see.

Faith In And For The Holy Spirit

Why are so many Christians living without the power of the Holy Spirit?  Why?  Imagine what our world would be like, our testimonies, if each follower of Christ were living in the power of His Holy Spirit.  Now, I’m not talking about Charismatic, Assembly of God antics here, I’m speaking of New Testament, Book of Acts, Holy Spirit power.  I’m speaking of the body of Christ as it was meant to be, as it was in the beginning.  Come on Christians, start believing God for the promise of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Listen to Jim Cymbala speak on this topic.

Lifehouse Everything – Drama

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t find God’s presence amidst the pain and struggle in your life? Have you ever felt like He has walked away from you and left you alone with your hurts? I’m here to tell you that God never walks away from us. We stray from Him. Keep your eyes and heart fixed firmly on Him for He is ALWAYS there. This video speaks powerfully to the battle that many people face in their walk with God. I hope it speaks to your heart today!

Kenneth Davis Haveth Fun