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Three Generations of Women

Three Generations of women

Three lonely figures abide in shadows.

Mothers and daughters, each soul entwined.

Deceptions and secrets separate them.

Love and loyalty bind them together.

History and heritage bend and sway in lonely arrangements.

Echoes of the past drift into the future on sighs and whispers.

Each heart searches what went before and reaches for what will come.

Mothers and daughters yearning for understanding.

Three women, each one strand of the braid that binds them together.



In Dreams and Memories

I wrote this poem on the one year anniversary of my sister’s death (2006)

In Dreams and Memories

A memory so sweet

Of a smell so reminiscent

And a warmth so deep

And encompassing

It touches my soul.

Like a soft sigh

On a gentle wind

I still hear you

Smell you

Feel you.

In my dreams

I still hold you

Whisper to you

Know you.