Fasting and prayer

I am currently reading a book about spiritual disciplines.  The book is “With Unveiled Faces” by Keith Drury.  Right now I am reading about the spiritual discipline of fasting.  It seems that fasting, although commonplace during Jesus’ day and up until recent history, is not very common today.  Our Christian culture seems to tell us that Yes, we should pray, and Yes, we should read God’s word, but we are seldom encouraged to fast.  How do you feel about this?  Do you think that fasting is an important discipline to practice?  I challenge each of you today to take a second biblical look at fasting and see what God’s word has to say about it.  More on this later.


6 responses to “Fasting and prayer

  1. I think fasting is incredibly important! Right now, over 1,000 churches representing more than 1 million people are currently participating in the 21-day Awakening fast. The goal of the fast will be to refocus and reconnect spiritually and strengthen one’s relationship with God. If you’re interested in reading more about the spiritual discipline of fasting, pick up Pastor Stovall Weems’ book “Awakening” or check out the website: They have more info about fasting and support those who are interested in or are currently fasting.

  2. Thank you Monica. I appreciate your thoughts and the information. I will certainly check out the website and the book. Blessings on you! Bobbi

  3. The Bible indicates Christians should be fasting. I think it is important and appreciate your post.

  4. Thanks for visiting jlue. I agree that the bible says we should be fasting and I will be posting more on this in the very near future. Please come back soon to read those thoughts.

  5. Therithia Youmans

    Is there a process for spiritual fasting and Is there any preparing for the fast?

  6. Yes, there is a spiritual process and some ways to prepare for a fast. Please come back and visit soon as I plan to talk more about this topic. I will try to address these and other questions you may have.

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