As Thanksgiving approaches, I feel a spirit of joy rising within me. I am blessed abundantly beyond measure and have much to be thankful for. Thank you God for every blessing, not just the obvious ones, but especially the blessings that often come disguised as trials, for those are the ones that shape me into the image of your Son.

Don’t forget to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness to God in all things, not just the things that bring us joy.  Be thankful for the trials that come into our lives.  Give them to God and He can use them to accomplish great things in us.  It is through our trials that we are made more like Jesus.  So, if that is your hearts prayer, to be more like Jesus, then rejoice and give thanks when you are being tried and tested.  

God loved us enough to save us while we were yet sinners.  He took us just as we were.  However, once He saves us, He loves us too much to leave us in that state.  He sets about the task of changing us, slowly and sometimes painfully, into the image of His Son.  Allow God to change you.

Be thankful for God’s love and have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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